5 Places in India you have never heard about

We all are obsessed with the knowledge we possess and the places we know about. But, today, let’s take a gander at those exotica which have truly proved to be one of the most god forsaken places. Being at the heart of Asia, India encompasses many serene and authentic places which are hidden in the mist of technology and the out modern world. Let’s just rather call it a Travel Doodle wherein we’ll show up some interesting unknown places that even a guide doesn’t know, exist.

Since, we’re going hysterical and mysterious, let’s be hilarious with it and as we roll, we’ll see some interesting facts in the end.

1. Puhar

Hold your breath as you’re about to witness one of the most serene cities never seen. This magnificent area lies in  the Nagapattinam district in the south eastern state of Tamil Nadu. The city was the capital of the Chola empire and served as a great port on account on being on the banks of river Kaveri.  The scenarios that one witnesses in this city is beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

2. Muziris

It’s something influenced from the west. Located on the mouth of river Kaveri in Kerala, it is an ancient city. The city is so unknown that even Indian maps do not know the correct location of this city. It was a major port around 3,000 years ago following which a drastic earthquake sweeped every inch of it. Ruins are still on for display. But the main attraction is it’s vibe which truly gives an exotic experience to a traveller.

3. Kalibangan

Located on the banks of Ghaggar in Rajasthan, this city has got some urbane facts. It traces back to one of the earliest periods of the Indus Valley Civilization. The site was excavated fully by 1969. It serves as a great port for both archaeologists and tourists for the fulfilment of their respective purposes.

4. Surkotada

This one’s an eerie kind of city. It was found far north east of Bhuj in Gujarat. It is surrounded by Sandstone hills and imbibes red soil that segregates this city from any other. It was one of the last standing cities of the Indus Valley Civilization and served as a great hub for people in the past millennium.

5. Pattadakal

Located on the banks of the Malaprabha River in northern Karnataka, this ancient city dates back to the 8th Century. Though old, the city still incorporates a group of ten 8th-century CE monuments which has an intricate structure of majestic temples, a monolithic stone pillar and a Jain sanctuary. The city is a little bit habited and so it makes a great deal for tourists to enjoy the culture and rich heritage of our country.

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