5 Perfect Souvenirs to bring back from Amritsar

Amritsar is famous for lot of things besides Golden temple and Amritsari Kulcha. The city has got a number of indigenous items that makes shopping fun and unforgettable. The Amritsar markets are distinguished by their busy narrow lanes where you will find its culture and art in their truest forms. Here are few things you must absolutely buy to have an ultimate shopping experience.

Amritsari Paapad, Wadi: Situated in the state of Punjab, the immense love for food in the city is obvious.  Food here is absolutely finger licking. One way to take this flavor along with you is through its condiments. Paapad, a great munching with food and drinks, is available in huge varieties and spice levels. Wadiyan are sun dried nuggets made of pulses and spices, a delicious condiment to enhance taste to your curries. Pickles are yet another famous condiment. The best things you can bring back to distribute in your family and friends.


Phulkari: It is a beautiful flower embroidery art that is only found in Punjab and has been an integral part of its culture ever since. Shawls, suits, saris, jackets, you can find the embroidery on any garment. It is trendy and traditional at the same time. The price range is from Rs 500 to Rs 25,000 depending upon the intricacy and finesse of the design. One good thing about phulkari is it never goes out of fashion. The phulkari dupattas are passed on as heirlooms in Punjabi families.


Amritsari Jutti: There are Rajasthani juttis and then, there are Amritsari juttis. The traditional footwear, an integral part of the Punjabi attire, reflects the swag of the community. This is why it is an absolute purchase. Amritsari juttis, available in leather and all sorts of colorful designs, pairs well with either your suits or jeans. Both men and women have huge varieties to choose from. Don one of these and get a guaranteed ‘Lions of Punjab’ feeling.

Amritsari Jutti

Souvenirs from Golden Temple: Since you are on spiritual tour, it is only necessary that you take back something holy with you. Not only it will instill your belief in Guru, but it will also make you feel closer to him. Guru Granth Sahib and its various versions have beautiful teachings within and are translated into many languages. Khanda, the famous sikh shrine symbol and Kada, steel or iron bracelet, are other things to soak up Sikhism. Photos, paintings and holy bandanas are other things in the list of souvenirs.


Chess sets: Yes, chess sets are another thing Amritsar is peculiarly famous for. Wooden, ivory and burnt, there are number of artistic varieties to choose from. The beautiful carvings of chess sets make it a novelty item. This can be the perfect gift for your grandfather or for someone who enjoys the game. Even if you don’t play, it is a souvenir to hold on to.

chess set

Your trip is incomplete if you don’t bring back these souvenirs with you. And, while you are at it, a little bargain will definitely go easy on your pocket. Happy Shopping!

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