5 Great Tips for Arranging Your Pre-Travel Jabs


Given the amount of deadly diseases out there, making sure you get all the required jabs before heading out on holiday is crucial for any intrepid traveller. Here are five great tips for arranging your pre-travel jabs.

1. Pregnancy 

It’s just as important for pregnant women to get vaccinated as it is for anyone else – but there’s an element of danger involved with this.

Certain vaccines are more likely to harm an unborn child than others, so make sure to check which ones are safe if you or your wife are expecting.

2. Check The Price

It’s never wise to put a price on your health, but there are certain types of vaccinations which you can actually get for free.

If you look around and are frugal, you should be able to get you and your family all the pre-travel jabs you need at low-budget prices.

3. Picking The Right Time

Experts suggest you should be getting your vaccinations roughly six to eight weeks before travelling.

Make sure you find time for them and plan your day around them accordingly – you may have to wait at your GP surgery for a few hours.

4. Your Kids

Always make sure to check with your doctor when it comes to children’s jabs.

While anyone aged under 18 months will likely be ineligible for an injection, once your kid passes this age you need to be attentive.

5. Travelled in the past? 

Vaccinations can last up to 10 years – but these dates will drastically vary depending on the  disease.

Make sure to keep on top of which injections you need before you travel and don’t just assume you’re already inoculated.

Make sure you follow these five handy steps when it comes to preparing for your pre-travel jabs.

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