5 Funny Facts About Indian Mentality

“Indian mentality” is a term which often pops up in our conversations; be it discussing the way Indian people drive cars on the road or the way fielders in the Indian Cricket team take catches- almost everywhere this term “Indian mentality” comes up.

So we decided to come up with some really fun facts about “Indian mentality”. Although many of you may fume with anger while reading some facts and laugh at other ones; deep down in your heart you know that the facts are true. As the old Hindi saying goes ‘Sacch hamesha kadwi hoti hai’ (Truth is always bitter to accept), you know it’s the truth! 😉

Here it goes-

1) My India, My dustbin!

We Indians are the best when it comes to cleanliness in foreign lands- we would throw the garbage in the dustbin and never litter around. However, when the very same Indian comes back home, the very first thing he does after stepping out of the airport is to throw some trash on the streets! Ahh, finally back home!!

2) Re-recycling products

Yes, I’ve intentionally put that extra ‘re’ for the fact that we Indians are masters at recycling consumer goods and other items. For instance, a disposable cold-drink bottle made of plastic would always find application in homes, irrespective of how educated the family is. Same goes for a T-shirt. After a new t-shirt fades off, it is used as a night wear. When it still becomes older, it is worn while playing Holi and then finally, it is used as a “pocchaa” (cloth used for cleaning), before it literally tears into pieces!

3) Never say never attitude

We Indians hate to say the word “never”. A T.V remote would be tapped, then slapped and finally banged to make it work instead of replacing it’s battery. A toothpaste tube is’nt thrown away unless it has been flattened out completely, with even the pea sized quantity used. The condition with shampoo bottle is even better. We pour water in it and shake it to ensure ‘complete usage’. And when it comes to Cricket, we are crazy enough to pray for our team even when Indian needs to defend 2 runs in the last 5 overs of the match! 😉

4) We simply love everything which is free

Right from the chilli flakes offered at Dominos to the polyethene bags offered at grocery stores- we seem to love it all. The chilli flakes from the pizza corner often end up being used in Maggie to make it more spicy while the polyethene bags can be conveniently used to carry things around. We spend heavily on pop-corn at theater food courts, but when it comes to buying a useful app from the play store, even a $1(= INR 62) seems unaffordable. “Bohot mehnga hai yaar” (It’s too expensive).

And as far as “Missed call” is concerned(which is free as the telecoms don’t charge you for that), we are the proud inventors of this concept. Right from giving a “missed call” when you reach the entrance gate of your friend’s apartment to let him know you’re there, to hinting the other person to call you back, missed call is used by all of us. If you don’t, you would often end up listening to such lines ” Yaar ek missed call toh de hi sakta tha”( Atleast you could have given me a missed call).

5) Whatever is not free, we make it free!

It is a well established fact now that we Indians love freebies. But what about things which are not? Its quite simple, we make it free!

I know you won’t agree with me. But let me point out a few facts and you would be compelled to accept the fact. 😉
After having some amazing pani-puri at a roadside stall, most of us ask for extra ‘pani’ and the rationale we profess is “You know, it’s good for digestive system”. We make it a point to munch the chana put on display area while the guy is busy packing our order. This is a fundamental right most of us exercise even though this hasn’t been enshrined in our constitution.

This list goes on and on. So, why don’t you go ahead and add some fun facts about “Indian mentality” in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you! 😉

Incredible India!

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