5 Dhabas to pull over on Delhi-Chandigarh Highway

Road journey can be pretty exhausting and therefore demands for time to time halts to stretch and relax. NH1, that runs from Delhi to Chandigarh and all the way to Attari in Punjab, is one of the busiest and oldest running highways. Also known as G.T. Road, it aptly justifies the title – ‘The Foodie’s Highway’. Why? Because the highway is lined up with numerous dhabas. With countryside view in backdrop and highway traffic in front, Dhabas are haven for typical Punjabi food and their rustic flavors. Plus, they are open 24 hours.

Here are few dhabas one must absolutely pull over to experience some lip-smacking food:

Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba, Murthal

Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba

Situated at 60 km drive from Delhi, the place is heaven for all the Parantha-lovers. One can get a pretty fair idea about its food from the never ending rush. Its parking lots are always packed at any time of the day. Just the aroma of scrumptious food lure the cars on the highway to the parking lot. Tandoori paranthas drooling with butter served with Lassi are trademark of the Dhaba.

Haveli, Karnal

The huge Haveli like architecture is a must stop-over for the passers-by as the dancers in Bhangra dress give you a hearty welcome with Dhol beats. The vegetarian restaurant here is decorated in Punjabi village like theme. The food here is absolutely top class with its dal maknhi, paranthas, and lassi.  Don’t forget to try thin sweet jalebis. Besides, one can relax on the charpoys and enjoy locals performing dance and puppet shows or even shop at the handicraft stalls. This one is a complete entertainment package.

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Neelkanth Star Dhaba, Karnal

When you are looking for some great dhaba food, but also an elite place for the ambience. This place promises you with fine-dine experience serving the mouth watering dhaba food. Its dal makhni and kadai paneer  are hard to resist. As the tagline of dhaba says, ‘a taste you will never forget’.  Apart from dhaba, the place has multiple dining sections with branded food courts like Subway and Barista. Something for everybody.

Puran Singh ka Mashoor Vishal Dhaba, Ambala

Situated at Ambala Bus terminal, this old running place is a definite stop for all non-vegetarians. The place serves the best Mutton Curry and Chicken Curry that you won’t stop licking your fingers. The food here has even got mentioned in many TV shows. Basically, a star dish that one ought to try. Don’t get confused by the numerous dhabas with the same name which have opened around. The original Pooran Singh dhaba is one at the intersection of Bus Stand.


Sethi da Dhaba, Zirakpur

With colorful figurines of Punjabi folk ladies depicting the village culture on its front, you cannot go past this dhaba without halting. Enjoy some Punjabi folk music in the background while you gorge on the tasty food sitting on the charpoy. The cardamom flavored strong Chai and sigdi (coal heaters) here will help you keep warm and awake in cold wintry nights when you have a long drive to go.


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    You have compiled a good list best food dhabas in Delhi-Chd Highway, and you can also add Kohinoor Dhaba, which is also very famous and crowdy.

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