5 Best Travel Guides to use while travelling in India

As I was surfing the internet a couple of days back, I realized that we do not have sufficient content on the Internet to help out travelers who want to travel to India. Contrary to this, there is ample travel related content if one is looking for information on European countries, the American countries or even the South-East Asian countries such as Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Phillipines and Indonesia!

The travel content on India on the Internet is either copy-paste from other websites/blogs i.e. you get duplicated data or; even if it’s genuine, it hasn’t been updated. For instance, the cost of accommodation varies over a period of time and therefore needs an update. But you would hardly find an updated article on the same. This hinders the travelers, especially the budget travelers as they are not able to get relevant info and hence are not able to decide upon the budget. This leads to travelers looking for other budget travel destinations like Laos,Vietnam, Indonesia etc. in South East Asia or end up travelling in budget destinations in Europe such as Hungary or Bulgaria!

All this prompted me to come up with this article. As it is not possible for me(or for anyone else in a short time) to come up with GENUINE travel info on almost everything related to India, I would recommend buying a copy of the travel guides mentioned below. These are listed on Amazon and so buying one of the travel guides would be a good idea as it would provide reliable authentic info about India.

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Let us now take a look at the best Indian Travel Guides

1) Lonely Planet India

Lonely planet India
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With over a 1000+ pages with detailed and practical info on how to get around, where to stay, where to eat, and what to see, Lonely Planet India is rightly on tops the list on travel guides. The guide also has maps of various locations and would prove to be a handy guide. If you’re planning to travel to only a specific region of India, LP has an answer to that as well. There are region specific guides as well such as Lonely Planet North East, Lonely Planet South India, Lonely Planet Rajasthan, Delhi and Agra!

Alternatively, if you need it on your smartphone, you may buy the relevant region specific guides online and download them(in PDF) on your smartphone.

2) The Rough Guides of India

rough guide india

Mark Ellingham, the writer of The Rough Guides, has beautifully portrayed the history and culture of India in his 1500+ pages guide. Apart from offering region specific guides and maps, the Rough Guides provides immense cultural info and tells why you should visit a particular site. The best part about the book is that is a lot cheaper than the Lonely Planet guide.

3) Frommer’s India

This one does not provide as much info as a Lonely Planet guide or a Rough guide would provide and is limited to only about 600 pages. Another letdown of Frommer’s guide is that it does not have good maps. It is targeted at mid to high budget travelers and so, buying it won’t help you much if you’re a backpacker as it lacks detailed info regarding India. The only one good thing about this guide is that it has discussions and ratings on things to do and this may immensely help you out in planning your trip!

4) D K Eyewitness India

dk eyewitness india

This would impress you more for the beautiful glossy pages and the colorful photos than the content. It does not contain detailed info on how to get around, where to stay  but is focused more on summarizing the destinations along with colorful pictures!

Buy D K Eyewitness India on Amazon

5) India Footprint Handbook


This handbook is quite similar to the Rough Guides and is focused on giving info on the history and culture of India. It overall has all the essentials of a good travel guide but is slightly less practical and detailed than LP and the Rough Guides on where to stay and what to eat stuff.

India is a diverse country in every aspect – cultural, religious, regional and social. So buying a travel book which you introduces to you these aspects of India would surely help you understand India in a better way and would also prove out to be a useful companion while you travel to different parts of India!

Happy Travelling!! 🙂 🙂

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