5 Best attractions you probably forgot to include in upcoming Mysore Trip

Beyond the majestic Mysore Palace, breathtaking Chamundeshwari Temple and captivating Brindavan Gardens, there are many less talked-about spots in Mysore. Though you will definitely visit the top attractions, but would be surprised to visit places you never knew existed and are no less in entertaining the visitors. Here’s a useful guide to help you know and explore the unknown or hidden places and the best-kept secrets in Mysore. Bangalore to Mysore taxi is the best feasible way to reach mysore from Bangalore to have best travel experience. Mysore car rental services will help a lot to travel across all these destinations and enjoy the ride.



This beautiful picnic spot is just 20 km. from Mysore and is a popular film shooting location. Lush green paddy fields and dense forests give way to River Kaveri (Cauvery) which meanders in full glory and attracts a large number of birds. Apart from bird-watching, you can enjoy thrilling coracle rides, something you will not forget easily. Swimming is also possible but not recommended in monsoons when the river flow is dangerously high. A drive to Mahadevapura is absolutely stunning with luxuriant greenery all over.

Balmuri Falls

Balmuri Falls
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Formed due to the presence of a check dam on River Kaveri, this small fall enjoys picturesque backdrops and cool and calm ambiance. A temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha near the falls is also worth visiting. Seasonal boat rides are available and swimming is also possible. If the place tends to get crowded, visit the nearby Edmuri Falls which is equally captivating and full of natural beauty. The spots are about 18 km. from Mysore.

Melody World

Mysore wax museum
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Aptly named, this wax museum exhibits more than 300 musical instruments from India and around the world. It is a visual treat to watch the life-size statues of musicians playing instruments that belong to periods from Stone Age to contemporary music. The way scenes like stage performances and bands have been created add to the joy of exploring this fascinating place. In addition, there are few real musical instruments and you may seek the opportunity to play them.



Don’t mind traveling around 35 km. from Mysore to visit this historical town which is home to the stunning Chennakesava Temple. The structure is one of the best examples of the alluring Hoysala Architecture. Built in soapstone, it boasts of beautifully carved pillars, eye-pleasing sculptures, pierced windows, fabulously designed ceilings, decorated lintels and unique friezes. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is a masterpiece worth exploring.

Mysore Zoo

Mysore zoo
Source : The Hindu

You must reserve a couple of hours to visit one of India’s oldest zoological parks. Apart from elephants, tigers, lions and white rhinoceroses, the zoo is home to green anacondas, gorillas and numerous migratory birds. It also accommodates the beautiful Karanji Lake Natural Park and a butterfly park where swarms of butterflies add multiple hues to the whole environment. The zoo is closed on every Tuesday and opens from 08:30 a.m. to 05:30 p.m. on other days. Entry fee is INR 20 for children and INR 50 for adults (additional fees for cameras and parking).

By including each of these places in your Mysore tour, you can opt for a complete holiday experience that you would cherish forever.

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