2015: A Traveller’s Wish List

The year has already begun with resolutions been made by year end (and most broken on the very first day of the new year as well! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Some made it a point to quit smoking, while others must have made a lot easier ones like waking up early in the morning(oh, maybe a tough one for most people). I actually made quite a few resolutions this year- a resolution to explore new places, go beyond conventional writing styles and explore something new and a lot of other exploration; which I seek to accomplish this year.

However, my heart is more with first exploration topic than the other ones simply because I like it and had wanted to do all these years- exploring new places. But a good travel becomes great when some of the things fall in line often. So, here’s a list of top 10 things which would make travelling a lot more enjoyable than it was in the previous year.

Here goes our traveler’s wish list-

Women Security

Female tourists in Delhi, India

Thisย is a serious issue our country is facing right now and if we want more travelers to explore our nation, the Government and the Indian society needs to curb this menace somehow. Quickly!

Better Railways

We need better railways in our country right now. Foreign travelers, as well as locals use railways to travel, simply because they love doing it. But it really takes fun out of the equation when the trains get late by 10-12 hours and some even by a day! So, I hope this wish would be fulfilled soon by our Government.

Cleaner Railway Stations

India railway station dirty
We need to make this cleaner!

This is another major item on our 2015 traveler’s wishlist. Well you can’t expect a person to sit on a garbage dump, while waiting for a train. The waiting room is hardly cleaned up at stations and it is certainly not up to the international standards. So, for attracting more tourists, we certainly need to provide better amenities at the Railway Stations.

A lower air fare

This would definitely be on the top of the list, and we can hope the Modi Government, which is actually quite pro-tourism (read my post on the new Visa norms and you would definitely agree with me on that) would do something .

Many of us may not know this, but around half the price of an air ticket consists of taxes of varied kinds, and many of which are not even disclosed to us! The airport development charge, the fuel surcharge, service tax etc are all bundled up in the price of an airline ticket. All these, if cut down by small fractions, could bring down the air fares down. The CUTE (Common Use Terminal Equipment) charge would definitely look more “cute” when cut down by half! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bullet Queue

Another airport reform which we would like to see is a separate(and quicker) queue for those without any baggage to get screened. A “bullet” queue is more urgent than a bullet train in our country right now!

Let us take that extra baggage

Here’s another airport reform that needs attention of poor souls who hardly carry any luggage alongside them, when travelling. They rightly argue that when extra luggage is charged extra, why is there no consolation prize for carrying less? If not a prize, atleast an out-of-queue boarding would do the job!

On a serious note, many airlines in the US like the Southwest Airlines and JetBlue allow two bags without any extra charge. Why can’t we do it here in India?

Visa-free entry

I’ll tell you a secret today- We have finally overtaken the Chinese! I’ll tell you how. Chinese get Visa-free entry or Visa on arrival entry in just 18 countries, while we get it in 50 countries! Well, that’s a record we can be proud of, can’t we?

But wait, we’re boasting too much maybe. The Americans get this facility in over 160 nations! Let’s change the topic please ๐Ÿ™‚

Plug Points

plug points airports

Another proud moment for our nation. We’ve finally collected so many devices to match that tech geek from the Hollywood movies. But wait, we need the plug points to charge all our devices! We need it, please.

Smoother Traffic

Traffic jams are common all throughout India and so, this is a problem both for the locals as well as the travellers. We wish our country offers smoother traffic flow from this year onwards.

Free Wifi

Another wish we would like to be fulfilled is, quicker and free wi-fi in hotel rooms. The Taj, Mariott and Hyatt have already rolled out their plans to launch it. So, other chains, buck up before you lose us!

I hope this wish list must have covered some of your travel wishes for this year as well. If not, well go ahead and tell us about it in the comments section below!

We would love to hear your traveller’s wish list! ๐Ÿ™‚

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