16 Tips for taking care of health and well being while Travelling!!

Travelling as an activity is joyful for sure. But there are some health hazards that come attached if you’re not careful enough. Lets have a look at how to minimize these hazards and make our trips really memorable and worthwhile:

1) Have a medicine and First Aid Box

You don’t need to stuff a 3×4 small pouch with medicines for every ailment.  There are some important things that need to be there while you are travelling.

2) Choose the safest path

Never consider money in choosing your way of travelling. No way of travelling is perfectly safe. You may consider travelling personally by road, but you’re not aware of the road accidents that happen on the national highways. Try to minimise risk as much as possible. Public transport(decent ones) is considered safer than private vehicles.

3) Carry clothes and stuff to mitigate unexpected weather

Here, you can include things like an extra clothes(for winters), sunglasses and caps(to get away from the heat), skin lotions and creams. They don’t seem important but actually things like sun burn, hypothermia or any such problem may lower down your health drastically.

4) Choose a safe place to reside

Don’t choose a hotel, just because it’s cheap nor a hotel which is situated at the edge of a town.  Always take these points into consideration:-

a) It should be nearer to a Airport or a Railway Station. This way, there’s always a never ending rush on the road and you won’t find yourself at a lonely place.

b) The hotel should be decent. It doesn’t mean that it’s name should be “Decent”. If you’ve watched the film “Jab We Met”,  you know what I’m talking about. It should have a proper reception, proper corridors and well built structure. Don’t find a hotel that’s cheap. It may get pulled down by some earthquake.

c) The place should have a friendly vibe. Also, look for a hotel that has an inbuilt restaurant. It helps you to avoid unnecessary attention of the locals.

d) The prices should be neat, neither too cheap nor too costly.

e) Always have knowledge of emergency exits in the hotels and do make sure that the hotel has necessary commodities for an emergency situation, like alarms and other stuff.

5) Do not roam unnecessarily

Mind you, half of the travelers get hurt or robbed because they they were roaming too much around deserted corners. The world’s not too friendly these days.

6) Do not Show Off

Even if you’re a millionaire, your exotic wealth can brought down to naught and ash by a nasty thief or thug. Maintain a normal low profile.

7) Have a friendly attitude

If you get into a fight with a local, you are more prone to an attack. We all know the story of the North-Eastern boy who got into a ramble in Lajpat Nagar of Delhi and was consequently attacked another time. He died later on. So please, be friendly and have patience. Let them speak, do not pay attention to vigorous comments. No one can hurt you without your permission. Do the things that you’re there for.

8) Do not argue on prices

It would be a pity. Let him take it. There’s nothing in fighting over prices. It would only gain you unnecessary attention.

9) Be like the Most Patient Human in the Universe

Then, only you would be able to enjoy your travel.

10) Don’t go to places that have a bad reputation

Control your wanderlust. It won’t make much difference if you miss out on one thing. But, that one decision can be very harmful.

11) Know where you are

Have a knowaround of the nearest Hospital, Police Station, Emergency cells and places where you find lots of people. Suppose you’re walking on a lonely road and someone starts following you, run to a place where you can find people. He won’t be able to disturb you there.

12) Don’t travel sick

If you’re ill, then don’t be eager to visit a place that day itself. You have a life to visit there, but it may happen that you lose your whole life just for visiting that place.

13) Do not experiment with your health

You can’t lie to yourself. Have accurate knowledge of whether you would be able to make it up to the environment or not. If you’re asthmatic, ignore hilly areas. If you’re sea sick, do not make plans on a sea. Such a step will help you have a better experience. Opposite to that, your health may deteriorate and you may go into a serious condition.

14) Be as light as you can be

Have Light bags, light clothes, less shiny apparels, durable accessories etc.

15) Everyone in your family should have proper guidance

Teach your children what to do when something bad happens. Have a plan for your family. Do not travel unorganized and unplanned. Seriously, if you are unorganized, there’s no guarantee of a fair return.

16) Try to stick to your plan

Well, that was my plan. Make your own plan, much better, much enhanced. Get it printed and laminated. Put it in your bags and implement it.

“An Ounce of Safety Practice is worth more than tons of Preaching”- M.K Gandhi


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