15 Travel Hacks Every Woman Traveller Should Know

We all love travelling and exploring new places. But there are a lot of things to keep in mind when you have to travel, especially when you have to go solo or for a long period or to a new and far off location. Women travellers have to be extra cautious when it comes to travelling to a completely new place and have to be ready for all the possible dangers ahead.

You have to make sure everything goes as planned and you return home safe and smiling. So here we bring some important travel hacks every woman traveller should be aware of:

  1. Pack smartly: We all know how difficult it is for women to choose which clothes to pick or which ones to leave while packing for a trip. The trick to adjust maximum clothing in your suitcase is to roll your clothes instead of folding them up so that they take minimum space and will also be wrinkle free.
  2. Fake a ring: This life saving hack can come extremely handy for all those single ladies out there who are on a solo trip. Wear an engagement ring (a fake one of course) to stay away from any stalkers who could spoil your trip.
  3. Pill containers for your jewellery: Worried if your jewellery is safe and secure? Pill containers are the best way to keep your precious jewellery as no one suspects it to be there. Also, this makes your jewellery easy to carry along.
  4. Undergarments under clothes: To prevent your undergarments from being lost in your luggage, simply fold and tuck them under your clothes like t-shirts and shirts. This also takes up less space so you can accommodate more clothing in your bag.
  5. Shower caps for dirty footwear: Carrying dirty footwear during trips is a very troublesome task. So while packing your shoes, keep them in a clean shower cap and then in the suitcase. This ensures that the rest of your belongings like clothes, linen, accessories do not get dirty too.
  6. Socks for keeping glass bottles or containers: All your glass containers are extremely fragile and can break in between your journey if not kept properly. The best trick is to keep all your perfume bottles, syrups or any other glass container inside your socks to prevent them from breaking. If the containers are too big, just wrap your socks around them for protection
  7. Re-stock your tampons or pads: Travelling in an unknown place is difficult. But buying tampons or pads in the same unknown place can be tough job specially if it is ‘that time of the month’ and you require them immediately. Always carry a travel sized packet of pads or tampons with you to avoid such hassles.
  8. Clip binders to keep cash and keys: To keep your cash and keys safely, just clip them together with paper clips or clip binders. Now you can attach those clip binders to your belts or the strap of your bra or even hang it with your pendant chain. This ensures that your money and keys do not get lost or stolen and you can always carry them with you without any worries.
  9. Steam can iron your clothes too: If you are out on a business trip and desperately need your shirt to be ironed or if you want to go sightseeing and want your favourite dress to be or skirt to be wrinkle free, here is an amazing hack. Just hang your clothes inside the washroom before you shower and you will find it wrinkle free after your bath. This is because the steam inside the washroom smoothens out your clothes and removes all the wrinkles to a great extent.
  10. Keep mobile and I-pod chargers in sunglass boxes: We know how important your phone and I-pod chargers are for you and how difficult it is to carry them while on a trip. Simply keep them in old sunglass or spectacle cases and they will be safe there.
  11. Keep belts inside collar spaces of shirts: Now, to prevent the crease of your formal shirts from any kind of damage, roll your belts and keep them inside the collar spaces of the shirts. This will ensure that the collars remain crisp and wrinkle free.
  12. To retain your current location, use Google Maps: If you do not have internet connection where you are headed to, just write “OK Maps” in Google Maps and your location at that time will get saved in your phone, just in case you require to any other time.
  13. Charging from USB slots: If by any chance you misplace the adapter of your charger or forget it at home, don’t get all worried and upset. You can always charge your phones through the USB slots of the television set in the hotel rooms or restaurants
  14. Straws store cosmetics well: Owing to space issues, if you do not wish to carry those big bottles of shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen lotion etc to your trip do not worry we have a solution for that too. Store some of these essentials in the straws, seal them and you have got your travel sized cosmetic kit ready. They won’t occupy much space and there won’t be a problem if you wish to leave them behind or dispose them after using.
  15. Keep a copy of important documents handy: Make sure you have a copy of all the necessary documents like passport, flight tickets, ID cards etc with you along with the original one. You can always keep scanned images in your laptop or an easier way would be to mail those scanned documents to yourself and someone from family so that you can have access to them from other devices too just in case your laptop or mobile phone gets lost as well.

We hope all these travel hacks will come in handy for you and will make your trip easier and safer. Always remember that trips are meant to make memories and you will know that you had a successful trip if after 10 years, the same memories make you smile.

About the author: 
Anushri Kocher is a serial entrepreneur, she is currently a co-founder of Glowpink (A women only beauty, health & lifestyle community) and MoneyIsWhat.com ( An upcoming financial information portal). Earlier she co-founded 100Marks (An online test prep startup) which got acquired.

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    A travel agency arranges for cheap and accessible local taxi hiring facilities for the travelers. Its a very nice and informative post, thank you.!!

  • September 13, 2017 at 10:28 am

    I agree with your tips. I would try to follow your tips in my next trip.

  • September 7, 2018 at 7:10 am

    Whoa! Looks like I just made my travel struggles easier. Finding a safe place for jewelry is such a pain, but your out of the box idea saved it for me. Other points are worth remembering too. Keep helping us travelers with your useful tips.


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