Vietnamese tourist, Sophie on her experience of visiting Amritsar, Jaipur and Aurangabad with Padhaaro Greeters

Sophie, a Vietnamese tourist shares her experience of visiting places with Padhaaro Greeters during her India Trip.

Padhaaro Greeter in Amritsar: Nitesh

Nitesh is a very gentle person. I and my mom always recall his efforts to make our trip as good as he could. My 2 day itinerary in Amritsar was to visit Wagha border right after we arrive there by train. Unfortunately, the train got delayed in 2 hours. Knowing that, Nitesh not just went to the railway station to greet us but he also took his private car and took us to see the ceremony as soon as we could. We were overwhelmed by his enthusiasm!

After that, we went to a very big Hindu temple then the Golden Temple by night. Nitesh surprised us not just by his knowledge but also his multi- religious mind, which represents a typical Punjabi. Amritsar – a pool of nectar is a sacred place. Nitesh also showed us very nice landscapes of the city which is modern than other parts of India and so I can relate to my city in Vietnam. Moreover, he is very thoughtful. As tourists, we want to experience the real culture as we can. We were acknowledged about Ram Guru Riwas through medias. I appreciate the way Sikh religion serves the community so I actually enjoyed staying there. But things would not have been easy as we thought without Nitesh, we could not stay there. It was very crowded and complicated when we do not speak Hindi.

Nitesh contributed a lot in this situation as he went and found the manager and arranged a lodge for us. Last but not least, in the last day, the train to Delhi unfortunately delayed again in 3 hours. However, this can be considered as luck because Nitesh introduced us to his brother.We spent the time visiting Golden Hindu Temple. Next, we went to his house. His family welcomed us. His mother cooked the best Asian food ever in India as she knows that my mom could not eat Indian spice. My mom always mentions him and his family as kindest and nicest people in India! Words cannot describe how much we appreciate Nitesh and his family. In the future, I hope that I can come to Amritsar again. Amritsar definitely the first destination when I think of coming back to India!

Padhaaro Greeter in Aurangabad: Harsh

Harsh is a very young and enthusiastic teenager who wants to work in tourism. Especially, he took me to the Ellora Hindu temple and he didn’t mind waiting for a long queue with us in order to help me visiting the temple! I’m glad to know him. First of all, one thing I like is that he is at my age so we can share things pretty easy. Secondly, he introduced his friends to me then we went out for shopping in Prozone.

I feel so lucky to have new friends here. Finally, in the last day, his mom helped me buy a saree. We are very thankful for his efforts. In the future,I think that Harsh has all abilities needed to be a successful manager in tourism as he is able to solve the situations flexibly and really fast. I encourage Harsh to meet more foreigners and continues doing this nice job!

Padhaaro Greeter in Jaipur: Govind

Govind is a very wise gentleman. As his job is a manager, he is the most responsible man in India who was always on time. As he has experienced the role of a greeter many times, he provided us priceless knowledge and many choices of lodges and transportation. We visited different places by bus which was very interesting and economical.

We also walked a lot which I really appreciated as I’m an active person. I regret that we did not have enough time to cover Jaipur. This is a very big city with many marvelous palaces and impressive forts. Govind is a role model for me in the future as I learned a lot from his responsibility. He shared many simple things for Indians but for us, they are unique. I would like to say thanks to Mr. Govind for helping us!

Some more amazing photos of India Trip shared by Sophie:


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