Anastasia, our first tourist visits Real India

I had dreamt to visit India for a long time but not as an ordinary tourist with the help of a Russian tourist agency. I was eager to get to know “Real India” with all its colours and to feel Indian lifestyle. It would have been next to impossible but for my Indian friend Sanchit who is a greeter with Padhaaro. It was he who helped me to make a plan of my journey to India so that my friend and I could see as much as possible.He accompanied us during our staying in Delhi, Pune and Goa. He even turned our idea to see Indian villages into reality. So we do appreciate his help because without him our journey wouldn’t have been as bright and full of unforgettable experiences as it was. Besides, what is also very important for two girls who travel alone is that we felt safe with our Indian friend wherever we went.

I’m sure that such project as this one is very useful both for Indians and for people who travel to India. Firstly, a help of Indian friend makes a journey more safe and comfortable. Secondly, it allows getting to know the country and the people better, spend time in India really wonderful and effective in terms of cultural enlightenment. Thirdly, it promotes international friendship, cause while communicating and travelling with your greeter/foreign tourists you are likely to feel that you are becoming friends and you want to keep in touch.

As for me, I’m so grateful to my Indian Greeter and friend Sanchit that I’m looking forward to welcoming him in Russia. I believe is a great opportunity to be guided into another culture or to be a guide for other people who want to learn your country and traditions.

— Anastasia Kurdyukova, Russia, Moscow


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